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Väga oodatud ja kaua planeeritud ilus ja tõuline pesakond Pürenee mäestikukoer sündis 30.04.2019. Kokku sündis 8 kutsikat: 3 emast ja 5 isast kutsikat. Mõned pesakonna kutsikad veel vabad.

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ECHO DE'CHIEN F-litter coming summer 2016

We are very excited and looking forward to having puppies again this summer. When all goes well there will be puppies born beginning of July from combination:  

EE FI BLR CH TLNWCup15 EEJCH EEJW14 Echo de'Chien Carmen (Gabriella Mia la Joie Blanche x Echo de'Chien Aslan Warrior). HD: A/A ED:0/0 Eye tested: ditachias & BISS CIB EE FI SE DK NO NORDIC CH HEJW'11 HEW'11'14'15 EEW'12'13 NORDICW'11'12 DKW'12 FIW'11 FIJW'11 WW'14 Chenespace Patron (Chenespace Kamille x Pyrview's Spartan Warrior). HD:C/A ED:0/0 Eye tested: clear




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We are the guardians of the breed!

Something what has been on my mind for long time and this needs to be written especially today because of many signs today and because it's 14th of February a International Friend Day or as Valentine's day.


There are many Dog breeders and including myself but what does this means to you? You are breeder because you have a litter of puppies? I think its much more important role, I think us as breedrs are the GUARDIANS of the breed!

Definition of Guardian - a person who guards, protects, or preserves


As Guardians we take the responsibility of a breed to our hands to preserve this for the future as best as we can!  And I am sadden to see that there are people who act egoistic with the breed as if they own them. We don't own anything ... we are here on this Earth for a shortwhile with a purpose.

As a true lover of Pyrenean Mountain Dog I want to preserve the breed as best as I can and always looking for information about history, genetics, health, pedigrees and open to discussion about this breed to any fancier. I am passionate and I love the Pyrenean Mountain Dog breed.


I am trully greatful for the breeders and dog owners who shared important health information, open databases to help the breed for better future. But I wish that many more would talk more openly and not being afraid what others think ... because its important for the future of the breed and to work together finding best matings to minimaze the risks of combinations.


A successful litter is about information and luck! There is no way of guarantee of certain outcome in a combination because the inheritence of some genes can be trickly but it can be minimized when there is information. Information should never be used as to attack one another but just to keep open mind and learn how does the genetics work in some deseas. 


For bettter future of the breed let's work together!








When the perfect home for your puppy turns into breeders nightmare

The story of a beautiful male I love so much 

Every puppy I bring in to this world is with careful planning and when they leave my home I trust them to owner who will love them like I do and give them the best home possible. Most important of all that they love them for whom they are not what they could be! 


Brother of Conrad, Cameron, was sold to an owner in Sweden. She wanted a show dog and I gave her the most promising puppy of the litter. All breeders know we can not guarantee that the dog will be a BIS winner at the age of 2 months, when they go to new homes. But we see a prospect or then not.

As a breeder I have met Cameron's buyer half way any time it was asked for it - with keeping him longer here than normal, with payment terms etc. I have offered any sort of help any breeder can do. 

Cameron grew well, but suddenly, at the age of 1.5 years, started to limp seriously. I advised the owner to take care of the dog, what to do, which specialists to consult etc. She replied that they had done a 10 km walk... I tried to explain again how to keep the dog, but as she has had dogs for long, she did not listen.

At almost 2 years, this dog was diagnosed with hip dysplasia which is severe. I offered to purchase the dog back, as it was clearly not going to be of use to this person as show dog. She refused and kept on naming me in the internet and calling me a bad breeder. Today I learned that after I published problems in D litter with patella, she has decided that her dog has that too and again keeps implying me a as irresponsible breeder...

I have never gotten any documental proof of Cameron's problems and I read constantly complaints about him in internet. 

I am sorry, but if a person has done everything against my advise thinking they know better, then I do not feel responsible for misdoings of her. I am still prepared to take the dog back on the same conditions it was originally sold on, but she is not interested in that too. Every time the litter mates of her dog win somewhere, she complains of her dog's ill health and my irresponsibility. So I have nothing else to say to her, but say it in public - I do take responsibility of each dog I have bred. But I also request a person to be honest and follow the guidelines I give them. Cameron is always welcome back in our house as any of my puppies are.


#1 Breeder of the Year 2018 in Estonia All Breeds

Eukanuba World Challange 2019 Croatian representative is Pyrenean Mountain Dog Echo de'Chien Escuda pour Garcon

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