Our beautiful and interesting I litter is born 25th of February 2019

12 puppies: 8 males and 4 females

1 male and 2 females AVAILABLE


from combination:


Jaal du Hogan des Vents

(Hagakan du Hogan des Vents x Faal du Hogan des Vents)
CMR1 clear DM carrier


Jalan du Neouvielle

(Houn du Neouvielle & Vi'Skaly's Ingrid Marie)

HD A/A ED 0/0 PL 0/0  CMR1 clear DM clear


Its a new bloodline added to our breeding program thanks to Mathieu Mauries (du Hogan des Vents). Its a repeat breeding made once in France and born at kennel du Hogan des Vents with very beautiful decendants and now in Estonia. We are very very excited. Jaal and Jalan are not champions and they came to Estonia from France as working dogs but their input to our breeding progam is very important. They have interesting bloodlines and pedigree has some very nice dogs who I have met and a great impression on. 

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Our J litter born 30th of April 2019


8 puppies: 5 males and 3 females

5 males and 1 female AVAILABLE



Echo de'Chien Esibelle "Essi"

(Echo de'Chien Conrad x Echo de'Chien Bellatrix)
Croatian Champion * Estonian Champion * Finnish Champion * Croatian Grand Champion * Zagreb Winner 2017

HD:A/A ED:0/0 PL:0/0
Eye tested: clear CMR1: clear DM: carrier

Essi's pedigree


Jalan du Neouvielle "Jalan"
(Houn du Neouvielle & Vi'Skaly's Ingrid Marie)
Jalan is a working dog and has been show only once with excellent

HD: A/A ED:0/0 PL:0/0 CMR1: clear DM: clear
Jalan's pedigree


Serious inquires are welcome about the future planned combination


Echo de'Chien Estella "Stella"
(Echo de'Chien Conrad x Echo de'Chien Bellatrix)
World Winner 2017 * German Winner 2017 * International Champion * German Champion * Finnish Champion * Estonian Champion * Latvian Champion * Lithuanian Champion * Baltic Champion * Belarus Champion * Estonian Winner 2018 * Belarus Winner 2017* Tallinn Winter Cup Winner 2016 2017 2018 * Tallinn Winner 2018 * Baltic Winner 2016 * Estonian Junior Winner 2016 * Tallinn Winter Cup Junior Winner 2016 * Estonian Junior Champion
HD A/A ED 0/0 PL 0/0 DM:carrier CMR1:carrier
Eye tested: clear but has few extra eyelashes
Stella's pedigree

Vi'Skaly's The Special One "Kairo"
(Itou de Bigerionnes x Vi'Skaly's Diamond Dust)
Lives in Sweden

Serious inquires are welcome about the future planned combination


Photos coming soon!

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#1 Breeder of the Year 2018 in Estonia All Breeds

Eukanuba World Challange 2019 Croatian representative is Pyrenean Mountain Dog Echo de'Chien Escuda pour Garcon

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