31st of December


This year has ended and it is time to take this wonderful year together and name all the succsessful achivements of Echo de'Chien!

I want to thank all my puppy owners for being active this year and I want to wish you all




I am very proud to announce the achivments of Echo de'Chien dogs in 2013 and thank all the judges and dog owners who made it possible!


14 new Champion titles:

  • 4x ESTONIAN Champions (EDC Amelie Queen - Emily, EDC Aslan Warrior - Neesu, EDC Bellatrix - Bella, Echo de'Chien Atalja - Talja).
  • 3x FINNISH Champions (EDC Amelie Queen - Emily, EDC Aslan Warrior - Neesu, EDC Bellatrix - Bella).
  • 3x LITHUANIAN Champions (EDC Amelie Queen - Emily, EDC Bewitched - Wicca, EDC Bellatrix - Bella).
  • 2x BELARUS Champions (EDC Amelie Queen - Emily, EDC Bewitched - Wicca).
  • 1x EURASIA Champion (EDC Amazon Princess - Julietta).
  • 1x ESTONIAN Veteran Champion (Lumienkelin Amatsoni -Brenda)


7 Winner titles:

  • 2x Winter Cup Winner 2013 (EDC Bianca, EDC Aslan Warrior - Neesu)
  • Lithuanian Winner 2013 (EDC Bewitched - Wicca)
  • Tallinn Winner 2013 (EDC Bellatrix - Bella)
  • Baltic Winner 2013 (EDC Bianca)
  • Finnish Winner 2013 (EDC Bellatrix - Bella)
  • Estonian Veteran Winner 2013 (Lumienkelin Amatsoni - Brenda).

Photo album of our Champions and Winners of this year

Also very proud of my new C-litter born 2013 who has just only now started to show in puppy classes. I wish luck for Carmen, Camilla, Cruise, Cameron, Cornelius and Caesar.


Little Cruise boy is still looking for his forever home! New photos and video of him on puppies page.

28th of December


Show news:


SBHK Club unofficial show 26.12.2013 Moheda, Sweden

Judge: Bengt-Ake Bogren, Sweden


Echo de'Chien Cameron - very promising, honory prize, 2nd best male puppy


+ last post updated with video and photos

22nd of December


Wishing everyone Happy holidays!

Puppy and Veteran Christmas show 2013

21.12.2013 Tallinn
Breed judge: Kristel Ratnik-Soosaar, Estonia

Puppy Group judge: Francesco Cochetti, Italy


Echo de'Chien Conrad - BOB Puppy + shortlisted in puppy group among 8 from 112 breeds!!

Echo de'Chien Cornelius - very promising 2nd best male pup

Echo de'Chien Cruise - very promising 3rd best male pup

Kennel Echo de'Chien - BOB Breeder


UPDATE! 28.12.2013

Video added from the Puppy and Veteran Christmas show. Conrad is the 5th puppy running in the ring, he was shortlisted and at 11:03 u can see the judge examining him.

Photos from Puppy and Veteran Christmas show 2013 by Kristin Kerem. UPDATED 28.12.2013 - added new photos from  Karoliina Voldek

16th of December


Show news:


Finnish Winner 2013
15.12.2013 Helsinki, Finland

Judge: Annukka Paloheimo, Finland


Echo de'Chien Bellatrix "Bella" - BF1 CACIB BOS FINNISH WINNER 2013

Echo de'Chien Bonhomme Brilliant "Bono" - excellent 1 in open class



BOB: Chenespace Tarbesan BOS: Echo de'Chien Bellatrix . photo: Chenespace
BOB: Chenespace Tarbesan BOS: Echo de'Chien Bellatrix . photo: Chenespace

Nordic Winner 2013
14.12.2013 Helsinki Finland
Judge: Tapio Eerola, Finland


Echo de'Chien Benjamin "Ami" - EX1, BM3 res-CAC
Echo de'Chien Bellatrix "Bella" - excellent 2nd in champion class
Echo de'Chien Bonhomme Brilliant "Bono" - very good in open class.


Helsinki Winner 2013

13.12.2013 Helsinki, Finland

Judge: Harri Lehkonen, Finland


Echo de'Chien Bellatrix "Bella" - EX2, BF3

Photos from Helsinki Winner 2013 & Nordic Winner 2013 by Aleksandr Borodulin.

9th of Decemeber


Lot's of nre photos of Echo de'Chien Cruise in puppies page.


1st of December


New photos of our beautiful male puppy Echo de'Chien Cruise in the puppies page.


Show news


Narva National show 30.11. 2013

Judge Lidia Repina, Russia


Echo de'Chien Bellatrix - EX1 CQ CAC BOB = Estonian Champion and also finished her Finnish and Lithuanian Champion titles witch were on hold.


Strängnäs unofficial show 30.11.2013 Sweden

Judge: Hessel Mattias, Sweden


Echo de'Chien Camilla - HP and BOB Puppy

19th of November


We still have one beautiful male puppy available for right home. Photos of him soon!




In October before my holiday we had a Estonian TV3 visiting our kennel and making a breed introduction about the Pyrenean Mountain dogs. Here is the LINK to the introduction. The young puppies in the video are Cruise (still looking for home for him) and Conrad, their mum Mia, sister Bella and grandmother Brenda.




Echo de'Chien Cameron living in Sweden, lots of beautiful photos uploaded in to his Facebook photoalbum.


Show news:


Viimsi FCI II Group show 16.11.2013

Judge: Søren Wesseltoft, Denmark


Echo de'Chien Cornelius - BOB Baby puppy, promotion prize &



09.11.2013 Riga, Latvia

Judge: Ramune Kazlauskaite, Lithuania


Echo de'Chien Bianca - CAC CACIB BOB & Baltic Winner 2013

20th of Ocotober


Show news:


Seinäjoki International show 20.10.2013 Finland
Judge:  Lazic Suncica, Serbia


Echo de'Chien Avangard King "Aslan" - excellent 2nd in open class


Hässelholm Puppy and Junior Show 19.10.2013, Sweden

Judge: Joakim Ohisson, Sweden
Group Judge: Judge: Joakim Ohisson, Sweden
BIS Judge: Judge: Joakim Ohisson, Sweden


Echo de'Chien Cameron - BOB Puppy with honory prize, Group Winner & Best in Show Puppy 4th

16 of October


Show news:


Our Echo de'Chien team took part of BIGBANK Match show for raising money for Haapsalu Dog Shelter on 13th of October. This is a very popular match show witch maded to the news as well so u can see our team in these links:

TV3 News - Bella and reporter Heiki Valner making the introduction and in the end short interview with me

Reporter - Chanel 2 news, all the white pyrs seen are part of Echo de'Chien Team.

ETV News at 09:52 shows the Match show.


Echo de'Chien Caesar - red ribbon BIS PUPPY1 & BEST IN SHOW PUPPY 2nd
Echo de'Chien Cornelius - blue ribbon
Echo de'Chien Cruise - blue ribbon and we missed the selection.
Echo de'Chien Bianca - blue ribbon and selected among best 5
Echo de'Chien Bellatrix - blue ribbon.

13.10.2013 Siauliai Nat show, Lithuania
Judge: Peter Harsanyi, Hungary


Echo de'Chien Amelie Queen "Emily" - BOB


12.10.2013 Valmiera Nat show, Latvia
Judge: Inese Pablaka, Latvia


Echo de'Chien Amelie Queen "Emily" - excellent

3rd of October


Our C litter puppies have started their show careers!


Veberöd Open show 29.09.2013 Sweden
Judge: Annika Brendtsson, Sweden.


Echo de'Chien Cameron 2nd best baby male puppy age 4-6 months old with promotion prize.


Thank you to all the puppy owners who participated in out Puppy meeting on 29th of September. We had a great time and lot of interesting subjects to talk about. Next year again! Photos here


Puppies page is updated, we still have one male pyrenean mountain dog puppy named Cruise for sale. Cruise is a beautiful and elegant boy who can be shown but its not obligation to the new family. Check the puppies pape for more details


Page exports updated.

22nd of September


The Autumn has arrieved to Estonia and I am enjoying the last warm and beautiful days with my dogs. Here some photos and video of our walk to Kogreka witch is situated 20 min from my home. Enjoy!

Gabriella Mia la Joie Blanche "Mia"

Today we got a suprise visitor! Mia's son from B-litter: Echo de'Chien Bel-Esprit "Pelle", more photos of him in Facebook album.

3rd of September


New photos of our available puppies:

Conrad, Cruise and Carmen
Dam: Multi Ch & Winner Gabriella Mia la Joie Blanche
Sire: FI EE Ch Echo de'Chien Aslan Warrior

More photos in Facebook.

Echo de'Chien Carmen 15 weeks old female

Echo de'Chien Carmen 15 weeks old female

Echo de'Chien Cruise 15 weeks old male

Echo de'Chien Conrad 15 weeks old male

27th of August


two of our beautiful pups Ceridwen and Camilla have found their familys. Ceridwen moved to Saaremaa to be as Livestock guardian dog and Camilla will leave to Sweden in next month.

We still have 2 males and 1 female available for show and pet homes. New photos in Facebook album.

24th of August.


We still got beautiful pyrenean puppies available for show and pet homes. They are vaccinated and ready to go to their new lovable forever homes. More information about the combination in our puppies page and lot of photos on Facebook (update every week).

6th of August


We still got some available puppies left for show and pet homes.

3 boys and 2 girls are looking for their womnderful owners, more photos in our facebook album.

Echo de'Chien Conrad 10 weeks old - available only for show home

Echo de'Chien Conrad

10 weeks old

Available only for show home!

17th of July


Our beautiful puppies are 8 weeks old and ready to go to their new homes. They have been vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and hav EU passports. New 8 weeks old photos on page puppies.

14th of July


Video of our C-litter puppies. They are 7 weeks old and we still got some beautiful males and females available.

10th of July


Show news


Pärnu International show 07.07.2013

Judge: Oleg Vasiljev, Russia


Echo de'Chien Atalja "Talja" - excellent


Pärnu International show 06.07.2013

Judge: Ekaterina Bauzhes, Rus


Echo de'Chien Atalja "Talja" - CAC CACIB BOB = EE Champion.

Our puppies are 7 weeks old. Still available 6 males and 2 female puppies for show and pet home. Photos in Facebook album. Our C-litter has some goegeous male puppies for show and breeding. If u are interested please contact us for more information.

20th of June


Our C-litter puppies are 4 weeks old, new photos of them on Facebook.

Brother love
Brother love

17th of June 2013


Show news:


Aura Group show 16.06.2013 Finland

Judge: Angela McNally, Ireland


Echo de'Chien Bewitched "Wicca" - CAC BOS

2nd of June 2013


Show news:


Estonian French Hearding and Guardian Dog Specialty show 01.06.2013 Tallinn

Judge Sue Hewart-Chambers, UK


Lumienkelin Amatsoni "Brenda" BOB VETERAN BF4 BIS VETERAN 1

Echo de'Chien Bianca "Bianca" BF1 BOS

Echo de'Chien Aslan Warrior "Neesu" BM3
Echo de'Chien Bellatrix "Bella" Ex1 CQ in open class

Echo de'Chien Beau Martin "Matu" VG in intermediate class

Kennel Echo de'Chien - 2nd best


01.06.2013 Tallinn

Breed judge:  Irina Poletaeva, Finland

BIS Veteran judge: Salvador Janeiro, Portugal


Echo de'Chien Bellatrix "Bella" - BF2 res-CACIB =) CACIB

Lumienkelin Amatsoni "Brenda" BF4 vet CAC BOB Veteran +


Finnish National Specialty show

25.05.2013 Harjavalta, Finland

Judge Alain Pecoult, France


Echo de'Chien Benjamin "Ami" - EX1

Echo de'Chien Avangard King "Aslan" - EX1 CQ

25th of May 2013


Our C-litter was born 21st of May, 11 puppies: 8 boys & 3 girls all with colour markings. Unfortunatly we lost 1 boy and 1 girl.  More information about the litter on puppies page. Proud parents of our C-litter are Mia - Gabriella Mia la Joie Blanche & Neesu - Echo de'Chien Aslan Warrior

Mia - Gabriella Mia la Joie Blanche with her new born
Mia - Gabriella Mia la Joie Blanche with her new born

Show news:


Ridditch Open Show 18.05.2013 UK
Judge: Miss Louise Birmingham, UK


Echo de'Chien A Touch of Magic "Kwattro" - BOB


Jämsä National show 18.05.2013 Finland
Judge: Hannele Jokisilta, Finland


Echo de'Chien Avangard King "Aslan" - excellent 1 in open class

#1 Breeder of the Year 2018 in Estonia All Breeds

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