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I have added Facebook newsfeed to our website as we have little time to update the website and its easiest to update them in Facebook . Our freshest news are always available at our official Facebook page.


Update 8th of April

From our K litter we have 2 puppies available from our last combination Echo de'Chien Estella & Iaslan du Seigneur d'Argent.

Born 13th of December 2020


Echo de'Chien Kismet - a very beautiful and promising female for show and breeding. Very happy and out going full of showy temperament. Has perfect pigmentation, correct dewclaws, beautiful eyes and correct Pyrenean  expression. 

Echo de'Chien Kenny - very promising young male. Has more color spots on the body, correct pigmentation and dewclaws. Lovely small eyes, well filled muzzle with correct Pyrenean expression

We are expecting Echo de'Chien K-litter in mid December 2019

27th of February 2019


We have puppies!!


We have exciting news! 25th of Feb, Jaal du Hogan des Vents and Jalan du Neouvielle became parents to 12 puppies: 8 boys and 4 girls. Its a new bloodline added to our breeding program thanks to Mathieu Mauries (du Hogan des Vents). Its a repeat breeding made once in France and born at kennel du Hogan des Vents with very beautiful decendants and now in Estonia. We are very very excited. Jaal and Jalan are not champions and they came to Estonia from France as working dogs but their input to our breeding progam is very important. They have interesting bloodlines and pedigree has some very nice dogs who I have met and a great impression on. 
Pedigree of dam, Jaal… and pedigree of sire Jalan…

Interested in a puppy from this combination? Send us a e-mail


Tallinn Winter Cup Winner 2019 International dog show

9th of February 2019

Breed judge: Roberto Schill, Romania

BIS Junior judge: Rafael Malo Alcrudo, Spain 


Echo de'Chien Hardy - JCAC BOB Jun BOB new Estonian Junior Champion, Tallinn Winter Cup Junior Winner 2019 and Tallinn Winter Cup Winner 2019

Echo de'Chien Cornelius - BM2 with CACIB


Echo de'Chien Hardy
Echo de'Chien Hardy

18th of January 2019


Health news

Our import Jalan du Neouvielle HD A/A ED 0/0 PL 0/0


Show news

Tartu National show 13th of January

Judge Hans-Ernhard Grüntter, Germany 

Echo de'Chien Hardy - JCAC BOB Junior & BOB
Echo de'Chien Esibelle - CAC BOS new Estonian Champion

Echo de'Chien Hardy
Echo de'Chien Hardy
Echo de'Chien Esibelle
Echo de'Chien Esibelle

Tartu National show 12th of January

Judge Marjatta Pylvänäinen-Suorsa, Finland


Echo de'Chien Hardy - JCAC BOB Junior BOB
Echo de'Chien Esibelle - excellent 1 , open class
Jalan du Neouvielle - excellent 1 ,  open class

Echo de'Chien Hardy
Echo de'Chien Hardy

Kajaani International show 12th of January, Finland

Judge Nenad Davidovic, Serbia


Mindy des Corges de Gauterest - CAC R-CACIB BF2 new Finnish Champion 

Mindy des Corges de Gauterest
Mindy des Corges de Gauterest

#1 Breeder of the Year 2018 in Estonia All Breeds

Eukanuba World Challange 2019 Croatian representative is Pyrenean Mountain Dog Echo de'Chien Escuda pour Garcon

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